Corry Family Tree

Bristol, Southampton & Dublin

Changes to the Crosshouse area of Southampton 1881 - 1933
There is a large Timber pond at the back of Dock Street and a Public House - the White Swan opposite Cross house.
The Timber Pond has been filled in and River Street built plus a few new houses in what is now called Crosshouse Street. More houses have also been built in Floating Bridge Road. Wharfe Street has appeared above Deal Street. (H.W.M.O.T = High Water Mark of Ordinary Tides )
River Street has been renamed Endle Street which seems to be the main change.
Dock Street has gained a Public House which I believe to be the Garibaldi Arms (where my Great Great Grandfather lived for a time). Crosshouse Terrace has appeared. House building seems to have more or less stopped. The next big change would be in 1940 .................
Notes - the map dates seem to be publish dates, they are updated over a nunber of years so some parts are more up to date than others.
Author: John Michael CORRY