Corry Family Tree

Bristol, Southampton & Dublin

Arthur CORRY (1851 - 1901)
Dublin, Ireland
26 March 1876 aged 26
Registry Office, Southampton
Children: 1876 - Arthur Richard - died before his first birthday
1878 - Annie
1881 - Albert
  1883 - Ernest
  1885 - Henry
  1888 - Frederick William
  1890 - Frank P - died 1964 in Bournemouth
  1891 - Bertie Arthur - died 1985 in Southampton
  1893 - Alfred George - died 1977 Petersfield, Hampshire
12 Crosshouse Terrace, Southampton

Arthur was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1851, the son of Richard CORRY described as a Contractor on Arthur's marriage certificate and as a House Agent on his sister's marriage certificate some 16 years earlier.

Arthur must have followed his sister to Southampton from Ireland in the late 1860s. In the 1871 Census he is shown living with his sister Caroline and husband William GANNAWAY at the Durham Tavern, 42 Chapel Road, Southampton. Not surprisingly his listed occupation is Bar Assistant!

In 1876 he married Ann Elizabeth BENNETT whose father was shown on the Marriage Certificate as an Inn Keeper. The Certificate also records Arthur as being an Engineer quite a improvement from the bar assistant of 5 years previously. He has also moved as his address is now 28 Anglsea Terrace, Southampton.

They manage to produce 9 children over the next 15 years, the last one Alfred George 8 years before is death. They were:

Age at Death
Arthur Richard 1876
Annie 1878
Albert 1881
Ernest 24 March 1883
Henry 1885
Frederick W 1888
Frank P 1890
Bertie Arthur 13 December 1891
Alfred George 1893




In the 1881 census Arthur seems to be living in Garibaldi Arms in Crosshouse Road with his wife and daughter Annie and son Albert. He was now a "Foreman at works" unfortunately it does not says which works.

(The location of the Garibaldi Arms a bit confusing. It was by some accounts was situated in Crosshouse Road at the end of Endle Street (Source: Rootschat). However the 1881 Census and also later references to it give the address as 1 Garibaldi Terrace. The OS map of 1910 does not show a Garibaldi Terrace. The 1933 OS map does however show a Public House at the end of Dock Street which I believe to be the Garibaldi Arms and maybe the houses to the right were known locally as Garibaldi Terrace. Later directories also give the pub's address as 1 Garibaldi Terrace.

Arthur and family are not to be found in the 1891 Census, only the daughter Annie can be found living as a General Servant (domestic) at 70 Graham Road with Josiah Goulden and his wife Julie. However his son, Bertie Arthur, was born in December 1891 with the Birth Certificate giving an address of 11 Crosshouse so it is reasonable to assume that this was their home. Maybe they were away (in Ireland) in April when the census was taken?

The 1901 Census shows he is now living at 12 Crosshouse Terrace not 11 Crosshouse as shown on Bertie's birth certificate. It is possible that their house was re-numbered rather than them moving next door as there was much house building in the Crosshouse area at this time. It is also possible that 11 was Crosshouse Road and 12 was Crosshouse Terrace just round the corner.

Whatever was the exact location they were only a few streets away from The Durham Tavern where he first made his home in England. He is recorded as being an invalid for three years.

The large Timber Pond (shown on the 1881 OS Map) was filled and and houses built, creating Endle Street (originally River Street on 1897 OS Map) plus a few extra houses in Crosshouse Road.

For a better idea of the changes click HERE to see the changing map of Crosshouse.

The Floating Bridge Ferry, probably taken in the late 1800s, very close to where Arthur lived, he would have almost certainly have used it on many occasions.

The original idea was to have a normal bridge but the Admiralty did not approve so the "Floating Bridge" was devised and opened in 1836. It lasted until 1977 when the Itchen Bridge was opened and the ferries made redundant.

One of the ferries still survives today as The Ferry Restaurant in Elephant Boatyard in Bursledon on the River Hamble,near Southampton. There is a very interesting video on the Ferry Restaurant website so click the link above and select Ferry Video (at the top).

Arthur died in 1901 aged only 50 leaving behind him eight children including my Grandfather Ernest. He had left behind him his roots in Ireland and made his life in England where his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren were brought up.

It is very unfortunate that due to the lack of records in Ireland I have found it virtually impossible to explore his and my roots, something I would have dearly loved to do.

His addresses   
Date Address Source Comment
April 1871 Durham Tavern, 42 Chapel Road, Southampton 1871 Census Also shown in 1871 Cox's Street Directory
March 1876 28 Anglsea Terrace, Southampton MC  
April 1881 Garibaldi Terrace (Crosshouse Road), Southampton 1881 Census Census difficult to read but seems likely that Arthur is tenant in the pub or adjacent accommodation. Garibaldi Terrace is not shown on maps.
March 1883 11 Crosshouse, Southampton Ernest BC Could be Crosshouse Terrace - certificate difficult to read
December 1891 11 Crosshouse, Southampton Bertie BC Again could be Crosshouse Terrace
April 1901 12 Crosshouse Terrace 1901 Census This is where he died almost in sight of the pub where he started out his life in England.
Author: John Michael CORRY