Corry Family Tree

Bristol, Southampton & Dublin

As I am the last male CORRY on this branch of the CORRY name I thought it only right that I record my CORRY ancestors as far back as I could.

This, so far, has turned out to be not that far back as all the CORRYs before Ernest were from Dublin area of Ireland and many Irish records no longer exist having been destroyed at various times.

The farthest back with certainty is Richard CORRY as Arthur's marriage certificate names his father as Richard CORRY. However I cannot find any record of Arthur's birth neither can I find any records of Richard CORRY apart from a marriage record of 1869. This records the marriage of a Richard CORRY, widower, to a Margaret Dunne although it is likely that this is my great great great grandfather there is no other evidence that supports this, hence a dead end.

Clicking on an underlined name will give more details of that person.

John Michael CORRY
Mary Eileen Humphries
20th July 1950 -
Born: Bristol, UK
Married: Mary Eileen HUMPHRIES on 09th August 1974
Two children: Claire Louise and Nicola Mary
Married: Lillain Elaine ANDERSON on 9th June 2014
Ronald Kenneth Napier CORRY
Vera Elizabeth ELLIOTT
25th September 1915 - 4th February 1972
Born: Cranleigh, Surrey
Married: Vera Elizabeth ELLIOTT on 25th July 1942
Two children: Sheila Ann and John Michael
Ernest CORRY
Evelyn Maud JOHNS
24th March 1883 - unknown
Born: Southampton, Hampshire
Married: Evelyn Maud JOHNS on 28th December 1909
Three children: Sydney Ivor, Phyllis Freda and Ronald Kenneth Napier
Arthur CORRY
Ann Elizabeth BENNETT

1851 - 1901
Born: Dublin, Ireland
Married Ann Elizabeth BENNETT on 28th March 1876
Nine children: Arthur Richard (1876) Annie (1878), Albert (1881) Ernest (1883), Henry (1885), Frederick W (1888), Frank P (1890), Bertie Arthur (1891) and Alfred George (1893)
Richard CORRY
Circa 1830 - Unknown
  Born: Dublin, Ireland
Married: Unknown
Children: Arthur, Caroline and possibly Lucy
George CORRY